5 Products That Contain Manuka Honey

The benefits of manuka honey are no secret and an increasing amount of studies are being conducted to test its effectiveness for a variety of different conditions and illnesses. Despite ongoing clincial studies, there are already a number of products that have been formulated with manuka honey as their main ingredient. These manuka honey products range from soap, shampoo to skin cream. Here are 5 that are available to buy online today:

My Top 5 Recommended Manuka Honey Products

1. Soap – Soap is a timeless classic in the bathroom as it is needed for body and facial cleansing. For other people though, the benefits of added ingredients in the typical soap are all the more reasons to use them. That is the reason why soaps formulated with Manuka honey are becoming popular among soap lovers around the world. Not only does it promise the finest cleansing and softening properties, it is also perfect for fighting skin inflammation and infection. The Manuka Honey and Propolis Soap is one of the most highly rated manuka honey soaps sold on Amazon.

2. Lotion – This is an inescapable part of skin care for many men and women worldwide, especially during those winter days when dry skin is inevitable. Although there are different uses for lotions nowadays, its core function is for skin hydration and smoothening. For lotions manufactured with manuka honey, the skin is decidedly smoother, softer and more moisturized. Aside from these skin rejuvenation benefits, manuka honey lotion also boasts numerous antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to help promote healthy skin. The Manuka Honey Wild Ferns Body Lotion is highly recommended.

3. Shampoo and conditioner – These days, men and women alike are taking hair care up a notch, which is why manuka honey products for hair care has been spiraling up in sales. People are choosing the manuka honey shampoo and conditioner for their beloved tresses. Hair shampoos and conditioners with Manuka honey are not only known for providing smooth, healthy and frizz-free hair; it is also known to treat scalp conditions like eczema and recurring dandruff. If you want to try Manuka Honey-incorporated shampoo and conditioner, then try the Manuka Honey Shampoo and Conditioner set.

4. Skin Cream – Skin experts have long recommended people to moisturize in order to fight off skin aging as long as deemed possible. Moisturizing allows the skin to become plumper and hydrated, making it dewy and youthful longer. Skin creams or moisturizers are good options for skin hydration as most of them are lightweight, non-greasy and easily absorbed by the skin on the face and the neck. The Active Manuka Honey 20+, Manuka oil and Kanuka oil skin cream is a perfect buy for people interested in skin creams with Manuka Honey as well as Kanuka oil.

5. Lip care – Chapped lips can be an uncomfortable problem for all types of genders. That is the reason why caring for our lips is as important as caring for the rest of our bodies. Hence, moisturizing our lips should not be taken for granted.  Add the manuka honey to the list of ingredients for lip care and it can be the best lip balm experience you can ever have. Purchase the highly recommended Manuka Honey Lip Care SPF15.

Try any of the above Manuka Honey products and see the difference it can give on your skin, your lips and your hair health.

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